A small, pack-a-punch team of social media marketing specialist!

Social Media Services:

Click Ignite believe in quality! We offer complete social media marketing and management that provides transparency and results. We optimise your audience to ensure your budget is spent only on quality potential customers to ignite your online presence and achieve your business goals!
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Social Media Advertising

Be in control of your digital growth with the use of paid advertising across all three platforms; Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Target your audience specifically to increase website traffic and/or drive sales.
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Social Media Strategies

Plan ahead! Click Ignite provide clear social media schedules with exciting and interactive content to capture and maintain the attention of your followers! Sit back and relax and allow us to completely manage your accounts and give you one less thing to worry about.
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Ignite Your Presence

Our experienced team will stay on top of all the latest social trends to drive your engagement and grow your reach.

Benefits of Using Social Media to Grow Your Business:

To build a strong online presence, you have to place yourself exactly where your potential customers are and, these days, everyone is online! With around 3.8 billion people actively using social media, the potential audience is roughly half of the world’s population!
Social media is that popular, it’s comes as a shock when someone doesn’t have it. It allows you to communicate with more people at one time than any other communication channel and is continuing to grow.
As experts in the field we can recommend the best platforms for your business to achieve your goals both organically and paid. We will work with you to create the right brand image for you and provide complete transparency so we can identify what does or does not work for your business.
Click Ignite understands not everyone can get their head around social media which is why we also offer workshops and learning materials to help you and/or your team develop a better understanding of the crazy and creative world of social media.

Increase brand awareness – brand recognition is essential as people are more likely to pick a brand they know over one they don’t.

Learn about your audience – using UTM tracking we can identify exactly where your leads have come from, identifying what your audience is reacting to.

Monitor Campaigns – we know when you invest money into something you want to see results, which is why we provide complete campaign visibility.

Cost effective – with nearly 4 billion users, you can reach more people at once than any other marketing channel with one single budget.

Increase website traffic – use organic posts and paid ads to drive traffic directly to your website.

Build a community – create your own community and build brand loyalty by engaging directly with your followers.


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