Ignite your business with Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimisation

We often find at first, a lot of businesses don’t realise the benefits of PPC and SEO which is why we help businesses of all sizes understand each of these channels in a simple, easy way. Let’s start by saying Google is more than just a search engine!
We currently work with a variety of businesses, helping them to not only identify the keywords that will drive traffic to their website but the ones that will turn that traffic into sales or inbound enquiries – both of which are essential!

Pay Per Click

In a nut shell, this is paid for advertising with good old Google! We work closely with you to understand the type(s) of customer you want to attract to your site, then produce a detailed audit outlining the keywords we plan to bid for in order to hit your sales/lead targets.
We don’t stop there; we will then track all enquiries to provide you with complete visibility on exactly where they have come. We identify which campaign the enquiry came from and what word(s) were searched in Google – providing you with the entire customer journey!
Why is this data so powerful? It’ll help shape your SEO strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO, also known as a natural, organic way to rank on Google, is considered a little bit more sophisticated than PPC. The aim is to rank as high as possible when a term/word relevant to your business is searched on Google. To do this we need to explore the contents and architecture of your website, with this information we can drive your business further up the rankings!
We use the intel gained from tracking your PPC leads and pump this into your SEO strategy to ensure the keywords driving visits and conversions are embedded in your content.

Benefits of Using PPC and SEO

Easy way to increase your brand visibility online

Generates data that allows us to make decisions

Get in front of the right customers using keywords

Segment which keywords will drive traffic and the ones that generate the sales

Create content tailored to what keywords your customers will be searching

We can track it all, identifying the keywords and search terms driving the best leads can feed into your overall marketing strategy – helping you to work smarter.


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