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We’re all a lot more familiar with email marketing than we may think, for example – do you receive emails with the latest news and offers from a brand you may have shopped at online? Yep, you guessed it – you’re receiving marketing emails!
When done correctly, email marketing can present lots of opportunities for your business to: increase website traffic, grow social media presence and generate sales by using effective call to actions, hyperlinks and creative copy & imagery.
We can create a variety of different emails and run split tests to identify which style of email your audience responds best to and provide you with in-depth performance analytics.

Email Marketing Services:


Copy Writing

With individual writing styles, together the team can capture your desired tone of voice to produce all the copy needed for your marketing emails.

Creative Design

To ignite your email campaigns further, we can design and produce supporting imagery to capture your audience’s attention!
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Analytic Reports

We will provide you with analytics identifying how many people opened your email and interacted with it by clicking a call to action – perfect for sales calls.


Once we have sent the original email, we can resend it to the contacts that didn’t open the first email to give the campaign an extra push or send your data down a bespoke automated journey, warming them up ready for your sales calls.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Cost-effective - with a single budget, one campaign can reach a large amount of people at the same time!

Increase Website/Social Media Traffic – with unlimited use of call to action buttons, you can direct your customers to exactly where you want them!

Monitor Campaigns – using analytics we can monitor the performance of campaigns to identify what is working well for next time!

Automated emails, need to send your prospects down a ‘journey’ but don’t know how? We can create tailored journeys so you know your brand is being shown to them at every interaction.

Well Connected – with almost 4 billion people using email, this is by far one of the most preferred line of communication.

We test a variety of different designs to ensure that we’re always looking for ways to get more opens, clicks and ultimately more leads for your business.

Email Marketing Success Story

BC Profiles – Sales Boost







ROI (%)

BC Profiles has been running successfully for over 15 years and during that time they have developed a strong and reliable customer base. BC decided to partner up with Click Ignite to help connect further with their customers, gain new ones and of course, to boost sales!

We worked closely with BC Profiles to pull together a marketing strategy that suited the business and their audience. We discovered email marketing allowed them to not only hit all of their objectives but it created a positive reaction.

Transparency is important therefore we ensure all customer engagements and purchases are tracked so we can continue to build cost-effective campaigns using channels we know are working, this allows us to maximise impact and optimise the budget.

As a result, BC Profiles have /continue to;

Increased traffic to the website

Boosted return on investment

Strengthened their customer relationships

Developed the BC Profiles Brand

BC Profiles Case Study Image

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