If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

Click Ignite have turned up the heat, adding yet another exciting client to their portfolio! Not only have this small ‘pack-a-punch’ marketing team beaten the odds during the pandemic, they have now kicked down the kitchen door and entered the retail and manufacturing industry!

Their newest alliance with Fineline Kitchen Interiors is the perfect marketing match as Click Ignite have years of experience in both retail and kitchen companies. Fineline Kitchen Interiors is a family run business that offers Click Ignite and an exciting new field to explore – manufacturing!

Fineline not only supply and install beautiful bespoke kitchens, they manufacture their own products too and in the marketing world – this is gold!

Emily, a Fineline family member said, “We are a family run business and wanted to work with a company that’s agile and adaptable to our needs. Click Ignite has helped us to build our Marketing strategy, understand our audience, identify cost effective marketing channels and engage our target audience with killer creative! We’ve also worked with them to improve the customer journey on our website to ensure that individuals enquire and most importantly – convert. The last piece of the puzzle was automating our reporting processes to understand the right marketing mix for us to achieve our desired ROI. We’re excited about our future with Click Ignite!”.

Together, they will be igniting Fineline’s brand with the power of social media advertising, PPC and SEO as well as making life easier with automated digital reporting!

Sandy, Founder of Click Ignite said “We’re delighted to be supporting Fineline with their marketing. Having spoken to them, one thing that stood out was the importance of lead visibility. Having the ability to know where all leads and website traffic is coming from allows us to fully understand which channels are working the best and work smarter with their budgets.
We will also be upskilling the Fineline team to be able to drive their own campaigns in the future and providing them with the tools they need to really bolster their lead generation.
We couldn’t be happier to be working with them

Click Ignite also provide learning experiences for already established marketing teams and training for starting out martketeers! This marketing team are proving quality really is better than quantity as their team may be small but their achievements are BIG!